True Comfort Food

Sharing foodI love to feed people.  I'm not sure why or when I originally started to feel this way, but I suppose there are many reasons behind it. Food is necessary for life, so by providing food I can nourish others and meet a need.  Food can be very enjoyable and brings delight to others. Food also seems to bring people together.  Holiday celebrations, parties, and reunions all tend to revolve around food. And I always say that if you need people to show up for something, provide food and they will come! Some of it may be a little selfish; I feel good when I make others feel good.  There's nothing like having a guest sit back after a scruptious meal with a grin on their face and remark that they haven't enjoyed a meal like that in a long time.  Maybe I just inherited the trait from my grandmothers.

Food has long been a way to communicate love to another and bring people together. A man gives a box of chocolates to his sweetheart on Valentines day. First dates often happen over a dinner out or a picnic in the park.  Families gather around a big meal on holidays.

Food can also be an effective way to minister to others in difficult times.

Have you ever been sick and had someone bring you a hot bowl of soup?  Or had someone bring you a meal when you were recovering from surgery, or dealing with a life changing tragedy, or when out of work for a time? Providing food for another person is a very simple but meaningful way to serve another person and convey that you care for them.  It works whether the person is a close friend or relative, or a complete stranger. A gift of food can speak when there are no words that help. What better way to share God's love with another human being?

Do you know someone going through a difficult time?  Here a few ways you can communicate caring with food (mostly healthy food of course!):

  • Bring a prepared meal.  Keep it simple; it doesn't have to be a gourmet meal, just maybe an easy family favorite.  Bringing the meal in disposable aluminum pans has a double benefit – you don't have to worry about getting your dishes back, and they'll have easy clean up!  Homemade food is nice, but if you don't possess great cooking skills, a dinner ordered from their favorite restaurant is a great idea, too!
  • Not sure what they may have already received? Bring a freezer meal like a casserole or soup that freezes well. That way they can pop it in the oven and enjoy it anytime. A great habit to get into is to occasionally prepare double what you are making for your family, and then freeze the extra. That way you'll already be prepared when an occasion arises to minister to a friend in need.
  • A plate of fresh baked cookies or a basket of fresh fruit are a welcome surprise for pretty much any occasion, or just to say 'I'm thinking of you.'
  • Bring a bag of groceries. For someone out of work, or with a family member in the hospital, they may not have the means or the time to pick up the basic staples like milk, juice, and bread.
  • For someone who may need help for an extended time, enlist the help of friends, neighbors, or church members to share the provision of meals or groceries.
  • Invite someone to your home for dinner. Sometimes the fellowship or simply getting out of the house is just as helpful as the food itself.
  • For an ill or elderly person in need of nourishment but without much of an appetite, a nutritional drink or shake such as Isagenix Isalean Shakes can provide much healing and restorative nutrition in an easy to ingest form.
  • Don't know someone in need right now?  There are needs all around us, whether we see them or not. Consider picking up a few extra groceries during your weekly shopping and make a donation to a local food shelf.  Unfortunately, theses days there are more families in need than there are supplies in most areas.

We at Abundant Life Centre challenge you to make a habit of reaching out to someone in need each week and bring them some comfort, through food, prayer, or even just a listening ear.  You will be a needed blessing to them, but you will be blessed as well.


This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. ~John 15:12