Abundant Life Centre

In 2010, we purchased a 5 bedroom home in historic downtown Charlestown, NH for the purpose of creating a small group retreat center.  The home, pictured above, is currently going through a process of renovations to make it ready to serve this purpose!  Old wiring has been replaced, decaying trees around the home have been taken down, and soon the leaky roof will be replaced!  We have plans to restore the full front porch that was originally on the house (only a small section remains), and replace sidewalks for a safe and welcoming entry point.  Bathrooms need to be added, our owner quarters built on the 3rd floor, a sprinkler system installed …. much work still needs to be done, but it is on it's way!

1920s Home

Picture obtained from the Charlestown Historical Society, probably taken in 1920s

Our dream is to offer a place of rest, rejuvenation, and coaching to men and women seeking to nourish specific areas of their lives.  There is something special that happens when you take time out of your busy life to get out of your usual environment, go to a peaceful place, and focus on what the Lord has for you.  Major transformations can happen in a very short time! We want to be that place where people can rest, grow and leave equipped to move forward in their God-designed destiny.

For now, God has given us the honor of opening our home as a place for missionaries and pastors to stay and rest when they visit the area or are between assignments.  It has been our pleasure to serve many wonderful people over the last couple of years and make new friends!  A picture collage hangs in our main guest room that contains photos of our visitors and reminds us to pray daily for those who have come and those who are yet to come.

We appreciate your prayers as this project proceeds, and hope to meet your here in the future!


Update: 9.23.12

Roof work is under way!  Hopefully will be complete and ready for winter in the next week or so!

ALC roof work  

Update 11.10.12

Roof work is completed and looks great! The temperatures have dropped and snow will start flying soon, so now we'll start saving up for the next projects that can hopefully be started in the spring.

Roof work is completed!