Nutritional Support

As a nurse and health coach, I know the value of living a healthy lifestyle. I teach my clients how to overcome obstacles and create habits that can keep them healthy, energetic, and disease-free for a lifetime.  There is no substitute for a regular healthy diet of whole foods, but there are still times when some extra nutritional support is extremely helpful. For instance:

  • When you have been exercising and eating right but still are not losing weight.
  • When you have a lot of weight to lose and you want to see quick results while you learn how to create new lifestyle habits.
  • When you are busy or traveling and you need quick, easy, nutritious meals instead of the usual fast food fare.
  • When you have a healthy lifestyle already, but still have trouble getting all the nutrition you need

I spent months searching for a product that would help my clients when they hit a variety of obstacles, including busy schedules, toxicity, ‘weight loss resistance,’ low energy levels, etc.  I have chosen to recommend Isagenix shakes, snacks, and supplements because they meet my strict criteria:

  • Must be easy to use, even when traveling or on the go
  • Nutrients must come from whole food sources, not artificial
  • Protein must be a high-quality undenatured whey protein from grass-fed cattle (not grain fed)
  • There musts be no artificial sweeteners
  • They must taste good  (Nobody sticks with something they have to choke down, no matter how healthy it is!)
  • They must be reasonably priced compared to other options

I enjoy the benefits of Isagenix shakes and cleanses for my own nutritional needs, and I encourage you to give Isagenix a try, too. Keep some IsaLean shakes on hand for busy days or extra nutrition. If you are just starting out, start with the 9-day deep cleanse or the 30-day cleanse and fat burn program, depending on your needs.  Isagenix offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to lose but toxins and excess body fat! 

How would your life change if you succeeded in finally losing excess weight and had an abundance of energy to face every day?  Find out now!


9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat-Burning program

30-day Cleansing and Fat-Burning program


You do not need to go it alone!

Isagenix does offer some wonderful resources on their website. However, when you choose Isagenix through ALC for nutritional cleansing, weight loss, and nutritional support, I do not leave you to navigate the program for yourself. Though nutrition is a main part of any health improvement or weight management program, research shows that a proper support system is a key component to achieving optimum results. To support you in your health-improvement efforts, I invite you to join us in the ALC Healthy Lifestyle Support group on Facebook. 

This is a closed group specifically for our clients who are working on improving their overall health and getting to/maintaining a healthy weight. You will receive the support of others on the same journey to better health and weight, as well my support as a health coach. You can post questions, share your struggles and your successes, find great health tips to increase your success, and even share delicious healthy recipes!  We are here for you!

Membership in this group is FREE for all of our Isagenix program participants!

To join the group, place your order and then go to the Facebook group page and click the Join Group button on the top right side! I look forward to seeing you there!

To your health and success,