Free Support Group

Nutrition is a main part of any health improvement and weight management program.  Another key component that leads to optimum results is a having a support system.  To support you in your health-improvement efforts, we invite you to participate in our ALC Healthy Lifestyle Support group on Facebook.  This is a closed group specifically for our clients who are working on improving their overall health and getting to/maintaining a healthy weight.
You will receive the support of others on the journey to better health and weight, as well my support as a health coach. You can post questions in the group, share your struggles and your successes, find great health tips to increase your success, and even share delicious healthy recipes!

As services are added, this group will become part of a paid membership program, but if you join now, your Charter Membership will be FREE and will stay free for as long as remain a member!

To join the group, go to the Facebook group page and click the Join Group button on the top right side!


To your health,