Tamara Golden

Whole Health Practitioner

Tamara Golden has been a registered nurse for 30 years, graduating from Roberts Wesleyan College with her BSN in 1989. Two decades later, as she watched the epidemic of lifestyle-induced, preventable chronic disease continue to rise throughout the United States, she discovered health coaching as a means to truly help her patients get and stay healthy, and earned certification as a health and wellness coach through Wellcoaches.


Working in a corporate wellness setting since 2010, she noticed that her clients had increasingly complex health concerns, and many patients were looking for options beyond medications and surgeries. Knowing that our bodies were designed with the amazing capacity to heal when given the proper care and support, Tamara continued her education at the National Institute for Whole Health to better support her patients. Tamara graduated as a Whole Health Educator and patient advocate in 2016, and went on to earn her board certification as a Holistic Nurse in 2018. Her comprehensive training and whole-person focus enables her to give thorough, personalized support to her clients, helping them understand why they are not feeling well, what they can do to feel and function better, and how to skillfully create healthier lifestyle habits that support the vibrant health they desire.

Tamara worked for 8 years as a corporate health coach in an employee wellness program and health coach trainer at Marathon Health before pursuing private practice, and currently works there part-time as a Learning and Leadership Development Specialist.

Tamara understands the challenges that we all face in modern society when trying to live a healthy lifestyle that aligns with our divine design for health and wholeness. Her combination of professional experience and overcoming personal health challenges has made her a compassionate, empowering partner for those seeking to take control of their health.

Tamara offers classes and workshops for businesses and churches, as well as individual and group health education and coaching, in person and virtually via video chat (Zoom meetings). Outside of her career, she enjoys time with her family on their homestead in historic Charlestown, NH, raising chickens for eggs and dairy goats for making therapeutic milk soaps and lotions.



Roberts Wesleyan College, BSN, 1989

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel; licensed minister, 2007

Wellcoaches, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, 2009

Ulan Nutritional Services, Nutrition Response Testing, 2014

Meridian Autonomic Testing, basic and advanced levels; 2014

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, Ordination, 2015

National Institute of Whole Health, Health Detective certificate, 2015

National Institute of Whole Health, certified Whole Health Educator, Coach and Patient Advocate, 2016

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, 2017

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, 2018

Holistic Nurse Baccalaureate - Board Certified, 2018