Tamara Golden

Whole Health Practitioner

After about 20 years as a registered nurse in psychiatric and perioperative settings, I came to understand that I was on the wrong end of health care. I was really working in illness care, not true health care! Realizing that over 80% of conditions are preventable, and desiring to help people avoid the heartache and regret of lifestyle-induced illness and disease, I decided to dedicate my career to helping men and women live their lives unhindered by ill-health and chronic disease. In 2008 I discovered the concept of health coaching, and started to change the course of my career. In 2010, I began working as an RN health coach in a corporate wellness program, which I love and still do today, and I also spent a few years training other clinical health coaches. Since the epidemic of lifestyle-induced, preventable chronic disease continues to rise in our country, I'm taking my mission to my local community and online in hopes to help more people live the healthy, abundant life that I believe we all were designed for.  It never ceases to amaze me, how our creator designed our bodies to heal, given the right care and support! If you are struggling with lifestyle-related health issues, I'm glad you are here, and want you to know that there is hope for health and healing! I'd be honored to be your guide in your journey to better health.

I currently offer classes and workshops for churches and businesses, as well as individual and group health education and coaching, in person and virtually via telephone and the Internet.

Outside of my career, I enjoy time with my family on our homestead.  Some of my favorite things are cooking (for one or a crowd), home improvement projects, taking pictures of nature, gardening, goats, and Hallmark movies.


Roberts Wesleyan College, BSN, 1989

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel; licensed minister, 2007

Wellcoaches, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, 2009

Ulan Nutritional Services, Nutrition Response Testing, 2014

Meridian Autonomic Testing, basic and advanced levels; 2014

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, Ordination, 2015

National Institute of Whole Health, Health Detective certificate, 2015

National Institute of Whole Health, certified Whole Health Educator, Coach and Patient Advocate, 2016

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, 2017

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, 2018

Holistic Nurse Baccalaureate - Board Certified, 2018