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“Live your dream!” It’s a phrase we so often hear presented by motivational speakers and vision-casters. As good as it sounds, it is much too shallow of a concept. There are many people striving to live their dreams that still feel unfulfilled once they achieve their desired end. I challenge you to not just live your dream, but fulfill your destiny! We have been making it our focus these last number of blogs to unfold the key concepts to fulfilling one’s destiny. In our last blog, we likened it to running a race. As we dive into this last “D” in destiny, I want to recap the general concepts of the previous blogs – again likening it to running a race. If we are going to fulfill our destiny, we need to have a…

·         Dream – a reason to “run”

       ·         Desire – a “want” to run

       ·         Determination – setting our minds to run

·         Devotion – an inner motivation to keep running, even when it gets difficult

And today, we cover the fifth and final component to fulfilling one’s destiny…

·         DRIVE – the intrinsic power to finish the race.

Often when people talk about a personal “drive”, they use it as a synonym for determination. I want to challenge you to think outside the box a little. Rather than looking at drive as determination, I want us to look at it as power and ability. To DRIVE this point home, I want us to SHIFT GEARS for a moment and think about drive in a different light than running a race. Let’s consider an automobile.

Now, let me preface by saying that I am not in any way a mechanic or mechanically-minded person (as my family would be quick to point out). All I know is that, when I get behind the wheel,  I want to go somewhere and I expect my car to get me there. I know very little about how the car works, but I know that there are some key components that are necessary if the drive is going to get me from point A to point B.

One thing my car will need is fuel. Without gasoline in the tank, I am going to get nowhere fast. Something, the right thing, must be in my tank fueling the engine. Likewise, if we are going to get to the destination of our destiny, we better make sure that we are all fueled up. We better be taking time to stoke the fires of our God-given dreams and desires. Without the proper fuel, we can lose sight of the vision before us. We need to revisit vision often and take time for dream sessions. We also need to make sure we are physically fueled up. We must engage in the basics of good nutrition, wholesome exercise, and adequate sleep to keep our bodies properly fueled. We must have good support systems and quality mentors to maintain proper emotional health. All of these – and more – will help us remain properly fueled for the task at hand.

The car must also be properly equipped “under the hood”.  There are so many parts under there, yet each one fills a specific function that, when working in sync, can provide the energy needed to move forward. We, as well, have to be properly equipped to meet the challenges that lie ahead as we proceed forward in our calling. There are skill sets, structures and systems that are required for us to perform at maximum capacity. These must work in sync with one another for us to move forward successfully toward our destiny. One must know what the vision is first, so they can then make a blueprint for what is necessary in the area of skills, structures and systems to achieve there desired end – and those will vary from person to person and situation to situation.

As crucial as fuel and engine parts are, they can get us moving the right direction, but one other feature must be employed lest we break down along the way. Every engine needs to be properly oiled and lubricated. Every action that is performed within the engine will soon overheat, seize up, and cease to function if oil is not applied to its parts. We also must be “well-oiled” to move efficiently toward our purpose. So, what does that look like for us?

In order to understand the role” oil” plays in our lives, we must first make an important distinction between dreams and destiny. Dreams come from within, whereas destiny requires something more. Destiny demands that we understand that we are created by a Creator who has established a purpose for us beforehand. Destiny is coming to grips with that pre-ordained purpose. Therefore, to fulfill our destiny – and not just a dream – will require a power and ability that goes beyond ourselves that only our Creator God can fulfill, lest the creation get the glory over the Creator. We see in Scripture that “oil” is symbolic of “anointing”, which simply means to be set apart and empowered for a purpose.  We can do all we can to fuel ourselves and the vision. We can apply all our skills and employ all the necessary structures and systems to get moving. But without the empowerment of God in the purpose He has set before us, we will soon burn out, seize up, and cease to function at the capacity that is required to fulfill that purpose. Make sure every movement you engage in is empowered by God!

So, how to you “fuel up?” What keeps you going? What skills, systems and structures do you have in place to help you move forward? What role does God play in your ability to succeed? Encourage other readers with your insights.

About Tim

Timothy Golden is a husband and father of 3, pastor, teacher, coach and speaker. His passion is helping people grow deeper in their relationship with God and to overcome obstacles that keep them from pursuing their God-given dreams.