21 Days To A Renewed You!

Cleanse and Renew Program

If you are embarking on a road to losing weight or creating better health, there are 3 basic steps you’ll need to take:

Reducing toxic load so that your body can work properly.

Nourish your body so that it can repair and rebuild itself naturally.

Maintain healthy habits so that you continue to stay in great health!

Chances are that accomplishing this is going to involve changing some of your current habits. If you cleanse your body of it’s toxic load, but continue to put toxins into your body, you may feel great for a while, but eventually return to a state of ill-health. Or, if you cleanse your body but don’t eat a variety of whole foods to nourish your body, you will not experience the healing and vibrant health that your body is capable of. So, any worthwhile program will address both components – education on what to eat and what to avoid, and behavioral support to help you make the habit changes. Because as I so often say – sometimes we don’t know enough about how to get healthy, and sometimes we just don’t act on enough of what we know.

There is an undeniable connection between what we eat and how we feel. Nutrients from food are what God designed our bodies to run on. Think of your car for a moment. If it is designed to run on gasoline, then putting anything but gasoline in the tank will cause your car to malfunction and stop working. In the same way, putting things other than whole, naturally occurring foods in your body can cause it to malfunction or stop working. Much of what is called “food” in the grocery store is not actually food at all! Artificial ingredients, chemicals, synthetic nutrition – it’s all the equivalent of putting water in your gas tank.

Food is information to the cells of our body, and what we put into our system is going to determine whether our body functions in health or malfunctions. If you are feeling any of the following symptoms, your body is telling you that there is a problem.

The following symptoms are NOT normal and NOT a sign of normal aging:


Frequent headaches

Frequent colds and illness

Feeling depressed or anxious

Skin problems


Weight loss challenges

Digestive problems

Food cravings

Reduced mental clarity

Perhaps you just think that some of this just naturally comes with age, but it doesn’t!

Given the right nourishment and habits, your body should be able to function in health for a lifetime.

The good news is that you have control over this!

The Renewed You program involves a 21-day plan of eating whole foods (no processed foods or artificial sweeteners), fiber supplementation, and cleansing supplements. I will support you before you even get started on the 21 day purification program, guide your throughout, and stay with you afterwards as you continue your new habits.