Hope for Health & Healing by Divine Design

As a holistic nurse, educator and coach, clients usually come to me for one of three reasons:

  • They know they have a lifestyle that is negatively affecting their health and they want support to make the lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, stress management, etc.) that will support health and healing.
  • They are being treated by a medical provider for a condition, but are only managing or suppressing their symptoms and want to address the root causes; for instance, tacking medication to lower high blood pressure instead of addressing the causes of high blood pressure.
  • They’ve ‘tried everything’ and still are not getting the results that they expected.

Primary care providers, and even specialist providers, are a vital part of your healthcare team and can help you with the ‘need help now’ health issues, but they rarely have the time to help you understand the lifestyle factors that are contributing to chronic problems or walk you through the practical steps you can take to address chronic issues. This is where I can help! We can partner together to set steps that will support your body’s own healing processes and align your habits with God’s design for proper function fo your body, mind and spirit.

I walk you through a 2-step process to take back your health:

  1. Address the foundational basics. When you align your lifestyle with your divine design for health and healing, many of your symptoms will disappear. We call it getting DRESSED for optimum health! We look at Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Management, Spiritual habits, Energetic fields, and Doing it – successfully creating healthy habits that last.
  2. Address what persists. Once you line up the basics and are nourishing yourself and removing things that sabotage your health, you should be feeling a lot better! Many symptoms and complaints will disappear with simple changes. Now is the time to address any complaints that persist. The job of finding contributors and solutions is usually much easier now that the basic elements are in place.




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