“The Doctor of the future will give little medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease” -Thomas A. Edison here

Well, I am not a doctor, but the focus of my work as a holistic practitioner is on helping you with diet and all aspects of your lifestyle so that you can live out your life’s mission, unhindered by ill-health and chronic disease. Over 80% of chronic conditions are lifestyle induced, so it only makes sense to focus on lifestyle in order to improve your health or prevent disease. Your body was divinely designed to heal, and we can work together to support what your body does naturally.

“Sometimes we don’t know enough, and sometimes we just don’t act on enough of what we know.”

Whether you are baffled by what is going on with your health and are desperately seeking answers, or you know what you need to do (such as eat more vegetables or get some exercise) but are having a hard time sticking with healthier habits, I can help!

As  a holistic nurse, I can help you look at the Big Picture and identify the root physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental, and spiritual causes of your health concerns and what you can do to take back your health. Every aspect of whole health is connected, so really anything can cause anything! Using your symptoms as clues, and comprehensive, non-invasive assessments to listen to what your body is trying to tell you, we can identify ways to support your health and healing.

As a whole health educator, I can demystify health information for you so you understand what is going on with your health and what you can do about it.

As a health coach, I can show you how to use Skill Power rather than Willpower to successfully make changes in your daily habits. You will stop kicking yourself for ‘falling off the wagon’ and start celebrating your successes and the happier, healthier YOU!


Note: I am not a physician, and if you present with medical needs which are outside of my scope of practice, I will refer you to your Primary Care Provider or other appropriate medical professional. If you are currently under the care of a medical doctor, you will be encouraged to share the information we discuss with that provider before changing any habits, taking nutritional supplements, etc.


Individual Sessions: I will work with you to address your individual health concerns. We meet for an initial assessment, in person if you live locally or via video chat room, to understand your concerns and discuss each aspect of your health. From there, we will look at all of the gathered information and plan a way forward that works for you.

Individual health coaching: If you know what you need to do to support your health but just have trouble making then needed changes or creating new habits, you can request health coaching services or participate in one of our coaching groups.

Courses: We offer various online courses to help you understand your health and make changes with the support of the coaches and a community of others on a similar journey.

Special Events: from time to time we will be offering special workshops, cooking classes, and retreats. Please see our Upcoming Events page or connect with us on Facebook to see our current offerings.


Standard Process supplements (available to our clients only)
Homemade Goats Milk Soaps
Essential Oils

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Tamara Golden

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Naomi Golden

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Mikaela Golden

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