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  • Tried to lose weight but the scale won’t budge no matter what you do?
  • Don’t feel well, even though your doctor tells you all your tests have come back “normal”?
  • Have nagging unexplained symptoms that just won’t go away?
  • Has you ‘get up and go’ gotten up and left?

Then one of these 5 hidden culprits may be sabotaging your health, and what they are may surprise you! If you identify the underlying culprits and address them, then your body will be better able to heal itself the way God designed it to do.

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There are approximately 64.6 million prescriptions written for GERD medications in the United States on an annual basis. Most of these medications are designed to decrease the production of hydrochloric acid in your stomach, treating you as if too much stomach acid is...

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Natural Cold and Flu Remedy?

It is not often that you can find good research on 'natural remedies,' but a study published in 2001 focused on Black Elderberry extract, specifically the Sambucol brand of elderberry syrup, and it's affect on viruses such as the flu. In the study, Sambucol was shown...

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Can’t find answers to your health problems?

Muscle Response Testing is a non-invasive technique that can be used to identify roadblocks to health and healing, even when other efforts have proved unsuccessful.